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3 Surprising Facts About Pressure Washing You Should Know

Pressure washing

To start with a bonus tidbit, one of the most important things to know about pressure washing is that it isn't the ideal Saturday afternoon DIY task the home improvement industry would like you to think it is. For one thing, professionals use better grade equipment which means better results. However, we also have the training and hands-on experience, which reduces the chances of ending up with bodily injuries or property damage.

Now that you know you need to leave the exterior surface cleaning to a company like Harden Hearts, we can focus on some of the other facts that may surprise you about this service:

  • Not everything is meant to be pressure washed

A reputable power washing company doesn't actually use standard power washing techniques on all of your surfaces! Make sure the company you choose offers alternate cleaning options like soft washing for fragile surfaces like asphalt shingles or glass windows. Otherwise, you could end up with clean but damaged fixtures.

  • You can increase the asking price of your home

When you decide to list your home for sale, your agent will likely suggest that you schedule professional pressure washing - and for a good reason. Cleaning the outside of your home not only gets it looking suitable for pictures, but it can also help you increase the asking price by as much as $15k! It's an excellent return on a minimal investment.

  • You're protecting your family's health

If you care about your indoor air quality, you install purifiers and a humidifier for improvements. However, you could be missing out on the fact that the dirt, contaminants, and allergens outside your home are still impacting you and your loved ones. Mold, pollen, and pathogens stuck to your home's exterior will find a way inside, but not if you clean it regularly.

Choosing Your Professionals

When it's time to call in pros for your exterior surface cleaning, you can depend on Harden Hearts. We do whatever it takes to make our clients happy and always err on the side of caution. We use both power washing and soft washing methods so we can clean without collateral damage.

Call us to schedule your pressure washing in Carrollwood today. We're eager to help you restore the beauty and condition of your dream home.

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