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Is A Dirty Dumpster Pad Hurting Your Business?

Dumpster cleaning

It's relatively common for business owners to remember to schedule the occasional pressure washing to improve the appearance of their business, while other components are neglected. Sidewalks, windows, and other features still need the same level of attention and professional cleaning. What may surprise you is learning how much ignoring a task like a dumpster pad cleaning can harm your business.

Why Your Business Needs Dumpster Pad Cleaning

Although dumpster pad cleaning is necessary for establishments like restaurants, any commercial facility with a trash receptacle area needs routine cleaning. The type and frequency of the trash impact how often you need professional pressure washing for this area, but you'll definitely need it, nonetheless.

  • Prevent foul odors

If you're not taking care of regular cleaning for your dumpster pad, your customers will know it because they'll be able to smell it. A smelly trash area can drive away business, especially once the peak of summer heat hits.

  • Prevent pest infestations

Your customers won't love a dirty dumpster area, but rodents and insects will! Keep conditions clean, or you could attract pests instead of patrons.

  • Prevent safety & health issues

The mess that accumulates from a dirty dumpster area makes the perfect conditions for a slip-and-fall accident. Plus, that runoff sludge is the perfect breeding ground for pathogens, bacteria, and germs, posing real health issues.

Calling In The Experts For Professional Power Washing

At Harden Hearts, we're committed to offering the best service possible. We work with both residential and commercial clients, offering a variety of important power washing solutions. Choose from exterior surface cleaning options like:

  • Window Cleaning
  • Sidewalk Cleaning
  • Building Cleaning
  • Parking Lot Washing

Give us a call today and schedule an appointment in Carrollwood for pressure washing. We want to help you take good care of your home or business, and make a good impression on your neighbors or patrons.

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